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Electric rock drilling machine

  • jack hammer
  • jack hammer
jack hammerjack hammer

jack hammer

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  • Product description: Electric drill hammer

Demolition Hammer

Demolition hammer(electric breaker), is a single-phase series motor for double insulation hand-held power tools, it is safe and reliable, high efficiency and convenient operation etc., are widely used in the pipe laying, machinery installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration, port facilities and other construction engineering construction, apply to pick brazing or other appropriate accessories, such as chisels, shovel to broken concrete, brick, asphalt pavement,chisel, mining, slotting, cutting and other operations.

Rated Input Power 2500W
Rated Voltage 110V/220V~
Frequency 50/60Hz
Overall negative beat times 1400/min  1400BPM
Overall Length 600mm (23-5/8")
Impact energy 60J
Packaging Information
Case Qty 1pcs
G.W/N.W 20/15kgs
Packing Size (Iron case) 71x16.7x32.5cm
Packing Size (Bmc case) 76x17.5x32.5cm
PCS/Container(20') 750pcs(Iron case)
PCS/Container(20') 670pcs(Bmc case)



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Tel: 0086-15965109869


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