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Hydraulic Machine

  • hydraulic pipe bender
  • hydraulic pipe bender
  • hydraulic pipe bender
hydraulic pipe benderhydraulic pipe benderhydraulic pipe bender

hydraulic pipe bender

  • hydraulic
  • pipe bender
  • good quality
  • reasonable price
  • Product description: 1.Capable of bending angles from 0o to 90o on pipes ranging from 3/8”to 1”. 2.Cold bending, no pre-warming of pipe is required. 3.Fast and easy setup on the jobsite. 4.Simple to use. 5.Steel stora


1. Manual hydraulic pipe bender is suit for common water pipe, wire pipe, thick-wall conduit tube, bending the angle with 90º.

2. 1/2”-2” can be shaped 90º one time, for 2 1/2”-4”, pipe must be moved and bended for five times to the demanded radian.

3. It is made of strong nodular cast iron bending pipe mould material.

4. Bended surface smooth without folding marking. It's easy to operate.

Product Description:

1.Simple operation, convenient maintenance, for construction, chemical industry, water, oil, coal and other industries to provide the ideal pipe bending tools.

2. Rely on hydraulic cold bending operations of hydraulic tools. We offer a wide range of hydraulic pipe bending machine that are used for pipe bending  purpose in various industries. It is designed for common water pipe,conductor pipe,gas pipe,thick steel pipe and so on.

3. In addition to their precision, toughness and variety. Our pipe bending machines offer these great    features. Consumables can be changed easily.

CPB Series (Need to match hydraulic pumps)

SWG Series (be used with out hydraulic pumps)



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Tel: 0086-15965109869


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