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  • gasoline water pump
  • gasoline water pump
  • gasoline water pump
  • gasoline water pump
  • gasoline water pump
gasoline water pumpgasoline water pumpgasoline water pumpgasoline water pumpgasoline water pump

gasoline water pump

  • muffler with low noise
  • recoil start
  • OEM service
  • 1.5inch, 2inch, 3inch, 4inch is optional
  • Product description: muffler with low noise crank shaft options : cast iron / forged steel high quality carburetor, crankcase and shining pump body galvanized shining screw, A++ grade
1.Suction range 7/8m. Lift range 27m/28m

2. Hand start(Recoil)/Key start with battery is optional

3. Muffler/Silencer with low noise

4. Nylon and Cast iron Cam Shaft for choice, high quality Carburetor

5. Cast Iron and Forged Steel Crankshaft for choice, with shining Pump body

6. Galvanized shining screw, A+grade Piston

7. Strong Carton Packing, inside with Foam

8.1.5inch, 2inch, 3inch, 4inch is optional

9. Any color can be offered

10. OEM service can be available for full container quantity order. 
Model HW2 HW3 HW4
Type 1-Cylinder,4-stroke,Air-cooled gasoline engine 1-Cylinder,4-stroke,Air-cooled gasoline engine 1-Cylinder,4-stroke,Air-cooled gasoline engine
Work capacity 163cm³ 196cm³ 389cm³
Max.output 5.5HP/3600rpm 6.5HP/3600rpm 13HP/3600rpm
Ignition system T.C.I  (Non-contact transistor) T.C.I  (Non-contact transistor) T.C.I  (Non-contact transistor)
Starting system Recoil Recoil Recoil
Fuel tank capacity 3.6L 3.6L 6.5L
Engine oil system capacity 0.6L 0.6L 1.1L
Water Pump
Diameter of outlet(inch) 2inch 3inch 4inch lift 30m 31m 31m
Suction height 8m 8m 8m
Max.water displacement 30m³/hr 60m³/hr 90m³/hr
Size and weight
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 48.5*38.5*38CM 51*38.5*42.5CM 63.5*45.5*54.5CM
Dry weight 22KGS 23KGS 42KGS



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Tel: 0086-15965109869


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