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operation of the downhole drilling rig

The correct method of operation of the downhole drilling rig:

1. the bit

(1) hole deviation is generally not more than 0.2 meters, in case of special circumstances, the maximum shall not exceed 0.4 meters. Hole and row spacing, azimuth angle as consistent.

(2) cut off the motor running.

(3) connected to the working system power supply.

(4) the electrical console master switch to the manual position.

(5) drill a little mention, remove the brackets on the card wrench.

(6) slowly put down the drill, to the drill bit from the ground about 30 mm to stop.

(7) Install the dust cover.

2. Open hole

(1) start the exhaust fan.

(2) start the rotation mechanism.

(3) the impactor control valve to the half open position.

(4) turn on the lift propulsion mechanism down button, drill down the drill. When the drill bit touches the rock, the impactor begins to work and opens. If the drill or skew occurs, the tool should be lifted. Repeat the above procedure until the attacker starts drilling normally.

(5) according to the situation of the rock, the impactor valve all open or pull to the appropriate opening position.

(6) to stop the release of drilling tools, the master switch to the automatic position, push the handle to pull the handle to the pressure regulator position, the pressure rock.

(7) In case the rock is soft or broken, the hole should be filled with yellow mud to protect the wall.

3. Precautions when normal drilling

(1) the motor should be no abnormal sound, temperature normal.

(2) in the gear meshing normal, no noise when running.

(3) according to the hole bottom rock and ammeter readings, at any time to adjust the axial pressure of the drill to avoid overloading the rotary machine. When the current (constant supply) exceeds the rated value, should immediately put the drill, check the normal processing before continuing operations.

(4) When the carriage is swaying, the axial pressure should be reduced.

(5) When the air pressure below 4 kg / cm 2 should stop drilling.

(6) to enhance the body of the wire rope should be arranged neatly, no bridge phenomenon, rope firmly. Always keep in mind the degree of tightening of the rope.

(7) the occurrence of card drilling, should be handled according to the specific circumstances, shall not be forced to enhance the drill pipe. In case of thicker mezzanine or hole in the water, to (Heng Wang provide) first drill, after stopping the wind, so as not to plug the impact device.

(8) a sudden reduction in wind pressure, the impactor does not ring, should identify the reasons for timely processing.

(9) push the cylinder frame limit switch should be [often keep flexible and effective, in order to avoid overload or pull off the rope and other accidents.

(10) to timely ballast. When the case of soft or broken rock, especially to increase the number of drilling and exhaust ballast.


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